Welcome to Masjid Al-Mamoor, 85-37 168TH Street, Jamaica, NY 11432, Phone: (718) 739-3182, Fax: (718)739-4768

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Historic Dates

Historic Dates of Jamaica Muslim Center, Inc.
1976 JMC opens and begins Salat in Apt. # 603 at 160-20 Highland Ave., Jamaica
1981 JMC moves into the basement of 85-43 167th St., Jamaica, NY 11432
1983 On August 25, JMC was incorporated
1985 Purchased a house for $160,000 on August 12, at 85-37 168th St. Jamaica
1992 Purchased JMC’s adjoining house for $174,000 at 85-31 168th St. Jamaica

a. Imam Moulana Sanawar Choudhury died during Hajj and Imam Moulana Abu Zafar Beg was hired
b. Masjid Groundbreaking Ceremony held in August and construction begins immediately

1997 Masjid’s new building opens on 2nd Friday of January
1999 JMC was sued by Dr. Anwar Hossain and his daughter Nayeema for 101 million
2001 Hafezi Madrasa was established
2001 JMC’s extension building Groundbreaking Ceremony was held
2002 First Hafiz title/degree was presented to Muwahheed Muhammad Billah

a. JMC’s extension building opens on October 18
b. Al-Mamoor School was established and begins class in September
c. Iqra Library was established and begins circulating books in December

2004 Hafezi Madrasah’s name has been changed to Jamiah Qurania Academy
2005 JMC amended its constitution
2006 Litigation of JMC was settled out of court for $225K
2011 JMC buys a property on Union Turnpike and Parsons Blvd. for about 2.85 million on 21st November
2013 Al-Mamoor School was moved to 78-31 & 78-39 Parsons Blvd., Fresh Meadows, NY 11366 in October
2014 Al-Mamoor School was moved to 78-31 Parsons Blvd., Fresh Meadows, NY 11366 in September

Prayer Schedule

Prayer Iqamah
Fajar 06:15 AM
Zuhr 01:15 PM
Asr 03:30 PM
Isha 07:30 PM
Jummah Friday Prayers
1st JAMAT 12:30 PM
2nd JAMAT 1:30 PM