Welcome to Masjid Al-Mamoor, 85-37 168TH Street, Jamaica, NY 11432, Phone: (718) 739-3182, Fax: (718)739-4768

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Jmc Youth

Jamaica Muslim Center Youth: A Department under the Jamaica Muslim Center, whose mission is to educate and develop youth, and create and manage various projects to serve the needs of the community.

Youth Director:  Rehat Mannan
Assistant Youth Director (Brothers):  Muhammad Salahuddin
Assistant Youth Director (Sisters):  Shima Rahman
Weekly Program coordinator (Brothers):  Zawad Ahmed
Marketing Coordinator / Treasurer:  Junaid Beg
Events Coordinator:  Masnun Ahmed
Community Service Coordinator:  Asheque Rahman
Recreation Coordinator:  Mohammed j. Rahman

Executive Team 2013-2014:
Md Hasan | Youth Director
Sharmin Khan | Asst. YD
Zamir Alam | Asst. YD
Feyaz Narine | Program Coordinator
Shima Rahman | Program Coordinator
Sadia Humayra | Secretary
Hasnain Hossain | Secretary
Rehat Mannan | Treasurer
Sarah Junnun | Marketing CoordinatorMembers:
Muntaha Hasan, Sadia Choudhury, Yasmin Hoque, Zawad Ahmed, Arafat Bhuiyan & Mohammed Rahman

Advisory Board:
Muhammad Salahuddin, Avi Khan, Mushfique Shams Billah, Shah Mahfuz & Farzana Akhtar

Development & maintainance needs time & money.
With your donation you can help us to keep this project alive



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Donations can be mailed to Jamaica Muslim Center, Inc | Masjid Al-Mamoor, 85-37 168TH Street, Jamaica, NY 11432

Prayer Schedule

Prayer Iqamah
Fajar 05:45 AM
Zuhr 01:15 PM
Asr 04:15 PM
Isha 07:30 PM
Jummah Friday Prayers
1st JAMAT 12:30 PM
2nd JAMAT 1:30 PM