Welcome to Masjid Al-Mamoor, 85-37 168TH Street, Jamaica, NY 11432, Phone: (718) 739-3182, Fax: (718)739-4768

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

About Us

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JAMAICA MUSLIM CENTER, INC is an initiative of Muslims in America dedicated to promoting Islamic awareness and facilitating socio-economic welfare of the common people in Jamaica. This organization is Non-Profit, Independent, Non-partisan, Non-sectarian, Ummah-oriented and Membership-driven.

This organization also owns a mosque in Jamaica which is open for all prayers.

Some other features of the mosque are:

  • Parking lot for all salats except Jummah.
  • Subway: F train to 169th Street Station.
  • Wudhu area is down stairs

Important Links:

  • TriStateMuslim News Paper
  • AL-MAMOOR school

Prayer Schedule

Prayer Iqamah
Fajar 05:45 AM
Zuhr 01:15 PM
Asr 04:15 PM
Isha 07:30 PM
Jummah Friday Prayers
1st JAMAT 12:30 PM
2nd JAMAT 1:30 PM